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IPOL has the widest range of automotive lubricants for satisfying lubrication needs of engine, gears, transmissions and other vital parts of heavy/ medium/ light commercial vehicles, agricultural tractors, pump sets, outboard motors, marine engines, commercial and passenger cars, two and three wheelers etc. Our products are recommended for use in vehicles of reputed OEMs such as Ashok Layland, TATA motors etc. for use in their vehicles
IPOL range of automotive engine oils are designed for use in wide range of vehicals, commercial vehicals, passenger cars, two and three wheelers, pick-ups and SUVs, off-high way equipments, pump-sets and farm tractors. Since IPOL understands the diverse needs of our customers, the range consists of products conforming or exceeding various national and international performance standards, and available in variety of pack sizes to suite the customer requirements.
Diesel Engine Oils  
IPOL Diesel engine oils are manufactured to meet or exceed various performance standards, from API CF to suit needs of old generation vehicles to API CI-4 and above for new generation vehicles and latest emission norms and fuels specifications.
MGC Eco 20W40 – API CF Plus
Super Turbo Shakti 15W40 – API CH-4
MCI Diesel X'cellent 15W40 – API CI-4
MCF Diesel Ultra 15W40 – API CF-4
MGC Plus Diesel Super 20W40 – API CF-4
MTD Turbo CRDI 15W40 – API CF-4
Turbo Shakti 15W40 – API CF-4
MGC Diesel Super 20W40 – API CF +
MGC Diesel Super 25W50 – API CF +
MTF Ultra 40 – API CF
Auto Multi 20W40 – API CF/SF
Passanger car Motor Oils
Our ECO Super Oils are environment friendly, fuel efficient, multigrade motor oils. These oils contain detergent-dispersant, antioxidant and anti-wear additives to provide long engine life. Our passenger car motor oils are manufactured to meet or exceed various performance standards; from API SF/CC to API SM/CF.

MGM Eco Supreme 10W30 – API SM
MGF Eco Super 20W50 – API SF/CD
Two wheeler Engine Oils
Our specially formulated 4 stroke motorcycle engine oils come with special performance additive and a well balanced V.I. Improver blend and special additive technology to offer assured performance when used in motor cycle engines of different designs.

4T X'cellent 10W30 – API SM
4T X'treme 10W30 –API SL
4T X'cite 20W40 – API SL
4T X'cite 20W40 – API SJ
4T X'tra 20W50 – API SG